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you are still making flash oh my god

glad you're still here.

I don't think I would have ever thought I'd be back here, watching a new animation by FatBadger.

It was 6 years ago. Wow. How has life been?

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pretty badass, eh?


I do not have the words to describe how awesome this is.


Fix the Flash 10 = 1 problem.

A lot of lazy programmers use the same exact run-of-the-mill checking code that doesn't recognize the 2nd digit. Plain laziness.

Now its time to actually play the game as the right-click + play method works...

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This was indeed marvelous!

I enjoyed the instrumental elements to this music as well as the vocals! This Metal anthem was indeed superb!

Long Live Teh Rockso!

much better then other 1

mm hmm much better then other 1 u made this one dosent make my ear want to bleed and it is much smoother

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Honestly, you didn't need the "action words" as the picture pretty much speaks for itself, however great job nevertheless.

hey usernamed

hey you're pretty cool yo


art-wise I thought it was ok.

However, at the most basic levels, apes/monkeys (well, pretty much all animals if you really think about it) fall at the same level.

Lets break it downnnnnnnnnn

Racism: I'm pretty dang certain monkeys find other monkeys with mild dissimilarities insulting to be in the presence of.

Murder: Try cannibalism. When theres no food they'll start eating each other. Bangin my mate? I'll bash your head!

Geneside: Agreed, regardless of how you look at it, one ape can't orchistrate the murder of millions, albiet a dozen.

Rape: Nonconsentual mating to apes = textbook "rape" to us, however I do understand circumstances revolving around wartime circumstances.

Drugs: Agreed

Atomic Bomb: HOLD THE PHONE DAWG. the "Atom" bomb has been used twice against other humans, and in reality it has SAVED the lives of many Japanese and American people. (add "War" to your list under politics) If you look at the more widely-used "NUCLEAR" bombs (hyrdogen, implosion, Tsar Bomba being the largest) haven't killed ANYONE less a handful of scienists in wrong place/wrong time situations. However there was a rather large "War" based on the production of such bombs, with deaths more contributed to Stalin and his geneside of ~10+ million people.

Politics: Politics can be both good and bad. Read up on your history, yo.

Corruption: I like to take a skeptical view on this, so I will also state that "corruption" in general can be used for "evil" purposes, that, in a different light, may be viewed as "good". I would suggest reading/watching/listening to a lot more literature to get a feel for this.

Pedophelia: While in the first-world we've much farther than "progressed" past this issue, ("15 will do ya 20") many more "corrupt" countries' tycoons have gained profit through this venue in rather sadistic ways. However in a different light, monkeys probobly take no distinction between a well-matured ape and one a few years of age.

Necrophelia: Not really a problem in any society really, cept a few odd cases. Apes most likely find it difficult to differenciate between "dead" and "alive" however. Performing this act with correct knowledge however is pretty dang sick.

Pollution: Looking at the whole picture, human kind has actually gone pretty far regarding pollution. Thanks to zero-emission cars created by producing more efficient-burning straight-up-CO2 engines, I can see the mountains from my back yard whereas in the 70s the same view would have been masked by a cloudy film. Sure, there was pretty much "no" pollution short a few uncontrollable fires and black gunpowder firin' back in the 16th century before the steam engine, however mankind had MUCH bigger problems back then...

Hahaha I just remembered you forgot religion, however thats once again more of a past-problem relating to pretty much every overall theme. (rape, pedophilia (them catholics) murder (NO ONE EXPECTS THE SPAINISH INQUISITION!!) corruption, HAHA HALF the things you listed!) I heard the Christian Reformed church allowed an openly gay Deacon in some church to serve. Wouldn't wanna be that soul 4 century prior...

Thinking is fun. I never have time to draw since i'm always recreating my ideas and thoughts.

SmokeryDots responds:

Thank you for your long review :-) I'm glad you could find the time to write, so that we can discuss it, and I can tell you about my perspective on things.
I may not be as "smart" as you, and may not have read a lot of books, but I do have a thing or 2 to say....
You knew I had to respond:-)

Well Ooookay.... Here we gooo....

Racism: I think you're right, and I wouldn't contradict you on this... thou, I think that monkeys/apes don't judge other monkeys/apes on their colors/albinos/ race etc. only on who is the strongest and who wants to be the strongest, you know... Hieraki? -Survival of the fittest?

Murder: Hehe... True. Survival -Not for fun or in some "insurance accident".

Atomic Bomb: Aha... So what your saying is...(?) that a war/conflict was/is (still) ongoing cus of the A-bomb/nuclear bombs. -and that they have saved a lot of people? hehe... And that they arent a problem, even in the world we live in today? What about after effects? -Cause and effect?
Iran and America? That's sure gonna save a lot of people.

Politics: Yo yo yo... What about living in the present and not in some history book to find some answers? Mmmm... We all enjoy Health care, corruption and how all the politics blame each other for the mestakes they all made, by not doing anything while things were going down hill. That's the reason there is an Opposition you know. (Not that they always are the bettere choise)
BTW: I'm danish, and if you look at the text it says: "Politi", which means "police" in danish. It was meant for my danish folk:-) But not mainly. You know, 2 flies with one smack :-)

Corruption: Hehe... I like you:-) And I Feel ya. Corruption shouldn't be necessary, mr. Wikipedia (No offence). I think you forgot my Mr. Monkey, and took it a bit personal? I didn't want to provoke yor "Intellect" or anything. But I'm glad my drawing made an impression on you:-)

Pedophelia: No, I don't think age is an issue for monkeys, only the knowing of your future genes strength.

Necrophelia: It is the few odd cases I'm thinking about. I just wanted to underscore the sick thoughts of humans. "Pretty dang sick".

Pollution: True, and thank god for that, however, fossil fuels have been in our vocabulary LOOONG(!) after we first heard of CO2, ozonlayer and "pollution reforms"... Just to keep our money running thru "our" pipes. Oil, natural gas etc.
You know what I mean? - I can't quite figure out how to explain it in english:-)

Religion: Hahahahha... You Hit the nail Right on:-)

Thinking is Fun, and I quite enjoy it myself... And I'm always open for others perspectives, and I enjoyed givin you this respons, although I don't think that you agree with most of the things, since you seem like the person that only thinks about stuff all alone(In your mind), and dosn't discuss things with other people. Unless, when you smack up some of your statements in a Block :-) (again: No offence, it's cool)

I'm not saying that Im the political correct citizen(far from), I only wanted to make people think... To question things... Like you:-)

you probably shouldn't be here.

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